Safety within boundaries is what makes our OSCAR care exceptional. Our observation is that children love routines and thrive when given freedom within a safe, secure environment. Here is what you can expect your child to be involved in on any given day at Mission Kids:

3:15 - 3:30
3:30 - 4:00
4:00 - 4:30
4:30 - 5:30
5:30 - 6:00

Pick up and sign in
News time and weekly value discussion
Afternoon tea and free play
Homework, extra studies & reading
Octane, Adventure & Explore programme
Free play and pack up

After School Care Programme

Our after school care programme has been specifically designed to highlight and enhance the core values and principles of the Mission Heights Primary and Junior College Schools. Our dynamic three choice programme: Octane, Adventure and Explore aims to include and engage with all our young multicultural Mission Heights community regardless of age and gender. Parents and children get to decide together what Mission Kids programme is the best fit.


We believe great character is built from strong values. Every week we’ll get to explore the very best of life's values and the power of free choice. Creating a community that value, honour, respect and care for each other is our aim. Thanks to the advancement of multimedia and social media: short, high-impact value videos and clips will be incorporated into our dynamic values-based OSCAR programme.


A highly energetic, fun and addictive kinaesthetic based programme where children get to experience, learn and develop skills through a variety of well planned and supervised drills, active play and sports. Perfect for older children, yet still fun for Y0 - Y3. Octane provides a great energy outlet and exposure to extra mural activities (EMAs) without the extra expense. While we are not sport professionals we’ll sure act and look like it. Octane promotes:                       

• Improved hand-eye coordination
• Teamwork and camaraderie
• Flexibility and strong muscles                            
• Fitness and fun
• Communication and listening Skills


Building on from our highly successful curriculum, children will dive into a world of specialised individual and group activities aimed for boys and girls of all ages. Each activity is based on one of our specific and purposeful themes: Teamwork and leadership, Culture and diversity, Competitions and challenges, Health and food, Arts and crafts, Quizzes and quests. Adventure promotes:

• Lateral thinking
• Design and creativity
• Food art skills                            
• Culture and diversity appreciation
• Leading and following

EXPLORE PROGRAMME                    

Designed specifically for children who love exploring. A variety of supervised game and play areas are set up daily to help challenge and satisfy curious minds. For the younger children some play areas are: play-dough sculpturing, play food, Polly Pockets, Action Men, Lego, Barbies, colouring in and drawing, memory games, study corner etc. For our older children some play areas are: Lego Bionicles, Uno and card games, Chess, Rummikub, Game of Life, Monopoly, Scrabble, sketching and free drawing, study corner etc. Explore promotes:

• Free and imaginative play
• Concentration and communication
• Individual and group play
• Mathematics and problem solving
• Extra reading and studying